Artist Avails Countries
JOHN PRIMER and THE REAL DEAL BLUES BAND (US) October 26th till november 12th 2023 Europe
ANTHONY GERACI & THE BOSTON ALL-STARS (US) June/July  &   September 2023 Europe
RUSS GREEN (US) Festivals Summer & Fall 2023 Europe
GABE STILLMAN (US) October 25th till November 13th 2023 Europe
MARK HUMMEL with JAMES COTTON BAND (US) May 4th till May 28th, 2023 Europe
MARK HUMMEL’S BLUES SURVIVORS (US) June 30th 2023 > July 30th 2023
October 6th 2023 > October 29th 2023
November 3rd 2023 > November 26th 2023
PHIL GATES (US-DE) June 2nd till July 2nd, 2023                     September 22nd till October 16th 2023 Europe
FRED KLEE & SOUTHERN RUMBLE (BE) All year  2023 Europe
JIMMY CARPENTER BAND (US) May 19th till may 31st 2023                          June 23rd till July 16th 2023                               October 23rd till November 19th  2023 Europe
BOOGIE BOY and his WOOGIES (BE) All year 2023 Europe
THE ATOMIC 44’S (US) May 5th till May 21st  2023 Europe
DJULES FMJ (BE) All year 2023 Europe
CHARLES WILSON and the SOULTOWN SINNERS (US) All year 2023 Europe
MIKE GREEN BAND (US/FR) All year 2023 Europe
DAVE WELD & THE IMPERIAL FLAMES (US) June 2nd 2023 > June 30th 2023

July 1st 2023 > July 30th 2023

August 4th 2023 > August 27nd 2023

October 20th 2023 > November 19th 2023