Every now and then something comes along that shakes things up and upends the status quo. Russ Green, producer, singer, songwriter, and harmonica player is doing just that. He is steeped in the past, living in the present and looking towards the future. Predominantly based in blues he has also made the not-so-surprising foray into rock. And just as exciting is his having been involved in creating and performing a blues-hip hop fusion. Russ has played and toured extensively across the U.S., Canada, South America, and Europe. Both fronting bands and also alongside living legends such as John Primer and Lurrie Bell who have direct links to the old masters of the Blues. He has also produced a BMA award-winning CD > CITY SOUL. All of these experiences have made Russ Green something unique. A voice like no other, songwriting that pushes the envelope of what is the norm, and harmonica playing that goes beyond the boundaries and with hints of Hendrix. If life experience makes the man, then this man is made! An arresting storyteller, certainly authentic, and certainly a modern take on the classic vibe.


AVAILABLE    festivals summer & fall 2023

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  • Lead vocals :  Russ Green
  • Harmonica  :  Russ Green
  • Keyboard    :
  • Drums         :
  • Bass            :
  • Guitar         :