DJULES FMJ is a project by Stephan Galon. ‘INCURABLE’ is the title of a first series of ‘spoken word’ tracks, that find their inspiration in Stephan’s life and work. And his words cut deep.” Stephan Galon is a driven, committed sociologist.As his friend Arno Hintjens so rightly stated*: “Stephan suffers from society. He suffers from the overall disintegration of solidarity. It makes him sick.”INCURABLE is a 100% Belgian, art project, with a heart for Brussels, in three dimensions:
– original poetic lyrics in spoken word, in English and French
– supported by live music
– in dialogue with black-and-white photography. The lyrics find their inspiration in DJULES FMJ’s life, his own struggles as well as his social engagement. His words are a highly personal reflection on collective and individual pain. They cut deep. They are a moving message on our human condition. They are also a message of healing, of hope. The music by the six-man-strong DJULES FMJ BAND takes you from rock, pop and blues to jazz. To this mix, photographer Joost Fonteyn adds pictures either made or selected specifically for the project. All this now results in a first album with 17 tracks, entitled ‘INCURABLE’. The album was recorded and produced by legendary producer/engineer/composer Dan Lacksman*, at his Synsound Studio. *See: Telex, Lio, Deep Forest, Alain Chamfort, Plastic Bertrand, Patrick Hernandez, Thomas Dolby, Sparks, Will Tura etc. As a bonus – the magical meeting of Dan’s and DJULES’ worlds led to the mixing of DJULES’ words with two of Dan Lacksman’s earlier works: Skylab and I want My Space. DJULES will now take this project on the road, with multimedia live performances.


AVAILABLE                 All Season

LINE UP                      Djules: writing & vocals   Guitar : Djanni Lovano   Keys: Lokolo  & Bolder Guy  Up-& El Bass: Sweet   Drums & Perc: Sisi Moktar  Sax & Ewi : Thomas Hebelman



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