Artist Avails Countries
Chicago’s New Generation 2019 feat. Dave Specter, Andrew Duncanson, Harlan L Terson, Dave Sims (US)  march 22nd >april 7th 2019  Europe
 Terrance Simien & The Zydeco Experience ( US )  Europe
 The Blues Giants ( US )  april 18th >may 5th 2019  Europe
Chicago Blues Guitar Batlle feat. Dave Specter, Guy King,Billy Flynn,br. John Kattke, Harlan L Terson, Dave Sims  (US)  march 13th >march 22nd 2020 Europe
Paul Lamb & The King Snakes (UK) all year Benelux, France
 Walter Wolfman Washington & The Roadmasters ( US)  Europe
 Boogie Boy ( BE)  all year  Europe
 Vanessa Collier (US) Summer 2019,  fall 2019 Europe ex. FR & CH
 The Proven Ones (US) June 27th 2019 > July 20th 2019  Europe
  Freddie King  Reunion Band feat. Wanda King & Buddy Whittington (US)  Europe
Billy Price Band feat. Fred Chappelier (US/FR) may 2019> june 9th 2019 Europe
  Paul Lamb & Chad Strentz duo ( UK)  all year  Benelux, France
 Johnny Sansone (US) June > July 2019  Europe
The Chris O’leary Band (US) june 20th 2019> july 20th 2019

October 4th 2019 > October 26th 2019

 Victor Wainwright and The Train (US) May 16th 2019 till June 9th 2019

october 4th 2019 > october 20th 2019

 Kid Andersen Greaseland All-Star Revue (US)   September 18th 2020 > october 4th 2020  Europe