CHICAGO’S NEW GENERATION 2019 feat.Dave Specter,Andrew Duncanson,Harlan L Terson, Dave Sims (US)

Blues guitarist, bandleader and producer Dave Specter has earned an international reputation as one of the premier talents on the Chicago blues scene. Since 1985 Specter has performed regularly at top Chicago blues and jazz clubs in addition to festivals and concert halls throughout the USA. Since 1989 Dave has toured internationally with performances in Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Spain, England, Holland, Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland,  Luxembourg, Mexico and Canada.In addition of his “usual suspects”, he’ll bring new Chicago blues/style youngsters to the stage.


AVAILABLE                                     MARCH 22nd > APRIL 7th 2019

LINE UP                             Dave Specter :guitar  Andrew Duncanson: guitar/vocals                                                 Dave Sims:drums    Harlan L Terson:bass


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